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America's Millionaire Coach

Why Do I Care So Much Whether YOU Become a Millionaire?

Because I was in your shoes. In fact, I was probably worse off than you are today.

For 10 long years, I was a firefighter. I drove the truck, actually. Protecting and serving people is in my blood (my dad was Master Chief in the U.S. Navy). But deep down I always knew that grinding away 60 hours a week making $40,000 a year wasn’t me living up to my full God-given potential.

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Marc Hrisko - America's Millionaire Coach

That’s when my Australian wife—I call her my “Kangaroo”—jolted me toward action. That’s putting it gently. She kicked my butt until I got focused, got educated about mega-wealth strategies, and aggressively pursued my millionaire destiny. And that’s what I did. By the age of 29, I was a millionaire.

But here’s the thing: the firefighter in me—that guy that can’t stop running toward other people’s fires, not away from them—still burns strong. And that’s the reason I speak, write, and teach my inner circle of selected students.

Today, my Kangaroo, our two little “joeys,” and I live the dream. We travel internationally, eat well, and work and play as we desire. My life is full-throttle freedom. When it comes time to send the boys to college, I’ll simply whip out a pen and cut a check. Finished. Done. Paid in full. We live life on our terms, not a boss’s. I’m not bragging, I’m just sharing the facts with you.

Yet I believe serving others is what life is all about. It’s one of the core values we want our sons to inherit, just as our parents instilled a legacy of service in us.

And that’s where YOU come in…

I am absolutely convinced that anyone of average intelligence and peerless ethics can become massively wealthy. I know this because I live it every day. Better yet, thousands of my students have implemented my system and are living the same abundant life I do.

That said, millionaire success is never random. Living a life of massive abundance isn’t for everyone. Why are there only 10 million millionaires on a planet with 6 billion people?

I’ll tell you: it’s because 99 percent of people in low-paying, unsatisfying jobs are afraid to break free of the small mindset that cages them and don’t have the educational tools to systematically build passive streams of income.

If you’re ready to spring ahead toward your millionaire destiny, get in touch and let’s talk. Everything happens for a reason. My only regret in life is that I didn’t take action sooner.

The time for action is NOW!

Then again…you already know that. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be reading these words right now.

Let’s get to work on building your millionaire future TODAY.

With passion and respect,


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