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Marc will deliver the customized, crowd-pleasing speech your event demands. To download Marc’s one-sheet, click here.  For booking availability, please contact Marc Hrisko International at 800.589.5410 or Kimberly@MarcHrisko.com.

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7 Counterintuitive Secrets to Springing Ahead in Life & Wealth

Winning businesses possess a winning mindset. They instill in their employees an entreprenurial outlook on work and life. In KANGAROO MILLIONAIRE, Marc reveals 7 provocative, thought-provoking secrets of success that defy conventional wisdom. Marc will challenge you to develop a 7-figure mindset by learning how to ignore 99.99851% of the advice you receive, be the stupidest person on your team, give stuff away, be unoriginal, and to pay high prices for goods and services. Provocative, indeed! KANGAROO MILLIONAIRE is the ideal keynote for businesses and groups looking to up their game and reach a higher standard of thought and action.


The One Thing that Fuels Explosive Success in Sales, Life, and Leadership

Let’s face it: leaders make the difference. RUNNING INTO FIRE reveals how employees and entrepreneurs can overcome workplace obstacles, anemic sales, and personal challenges to achieve optimal performance. In this moving keynote, Marc blends heart-stirring stories from his firefighter-to-fortunes life story to reveal the single-most important attribute you can cultivate to overcome the internal barriers that hold you back. If your organization desires bigger sales, higher standards, and a passion for excellence, RUNNING INTO FIRE will ignite your team’s drive and motivation to succeed. Chock-full of practical, action-oriented techniques, RUNNING INTO FIRE will leave you ready to do as its name suggests.


How to Find, Seize, and Leverage Opportunity

Economic downturns, flat growth trends, ominous market projections…it’s enough to make any team slump their shoulders and close their eyes to opportunity. But you shouldn’t! In Marc’s innovation keynote, THE $2 BILL, Marc teaches you how to discover powerful solutions to vexing problems. Based on an actual conversation Marc had on an airplane with a little boy, Marc will teach you how to know which ideas will fly and which ones will tank, the 3 secrets for transforming sluggish results into high-performance success, how to remove the barriers that slow your creativity, and how to monetize opportunities that most people miss. THE $2 BILL is the ideal keynote for those seeking to thrive–not just survive–during challenging times.

To book Marc for your upcoming event or retreat, call Marc Hrisko International for booking availability at 1-800-589-5410.